Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions

Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions?

Can Chiropractors Write Prescriptions

Chiropractors are highly recognized as part of the professional health care community, although differences in licensing and insurance coverage from state to state may or may not include them as medical care. However, although the chiropractic title is Doctor of Osteopathy, practitioners are not necessarily considered medical doctors. For this reason, chiropractors are not allowed to prescribe any medication to their clients.

Although this can seem limiting to some patients, it is still in keeping with basic tenets of chiropractic practice, in that the body does have an innate ability to heal and be well, so long as alignment and balance are preserved. While chiropractors mainly treat pain based concerns, they still cannot prescribe any drug treatment for the patient.

However, it is important to note that:
• Over the counter drugs
• Herbal supplements
• Vitamins and minerals
• Homeopathic treatments
• Vibrational supplements

All of these can be either given out or recommended to a patient by a chiropractor. This can further enhance treatments and can support the natural healing process of the body through positive reinforcement. Clients who are interested in the types of therapies that are available are encouraged to call 604.558.0860 or email Dr. Stuart Kilian at Advantage Chiro, and can schedule a consultation.

Understanding Different Approaches

Although most people think of chiropractic work as just the spinal adjustments, under the code of best practices, practitioners have the right to choose their techniques. This also means that adjunct care methods can vary greatly. However, most chiropractors do incorporate several modalities into their practice, and this can also provide clients with greater relief.

In many cases, chiropractors will use herbal as well as vitamin and mineral supplements to support the manual manipulations that are formed. The philosophy behind this is that as the body is put back into balance, it will also need extra support on a cellular level in order to facilitate healing. Some chiropractors may give clients these supplements based on their own experiential knowledge of the beneficial results, while other may customize the supplement recommendations further.

One common method that is used prior to providing supplements is muscle testing, or kinesiology. With this technique, chiropractors will test different muscle responses both prior to and after the manual manipulations, but also in checking how the person responds to a certain supplement. For this type of testing, a small amount of the supplement is placed under the tongue, and then response is checked to indicate if it is a fit or not. This method of providing supplements is more tailored, but both approaches to herbs and vitamins can be beneficial.

Homeopathic and vibrational medicines are often the least understood, but their impact can be very strong, yet, without the chance of harm. These types of remedies are made from organic foundations, but the concentration at which they are given is infinitesimally small. In this way, these medicines do not interact with any other drugs the client may be taking, but will react with the body on a deep cellular level.

Homeopathic and vibrational remedies can also have positive psychological effects, and will often help in releasing emotional hurt that is being stored in the body. This is similar to the way that a manual adjustment can also achieve an emotional release, simply by balancing the manner in which energy runs through the body. On a practical level, this can be compared to when people store stress in their shoulders or jaw, and the sense of release that may be experienced once that blockage is eliminated. For this reason, homeopathics and vibrational remedies are also favored by chiropractors.

Chiropractors Balance Your Health

Balance On Its Own

While chiropractors may use these types of remedies with clients, it is also important to be aware of differences between these supplements and prescribed medication. The need for prescription control is not just in regards to patents and proprietary formulas that may be owned by major pharma, but also because prescribed medications can have both positive and negative effects on the body.

The types of remedies and supplements that chiropractors can use are very different in action, but are also accessible to patients on their own. This takes certain liabilities that the chiropractic profession does not carry out of the equation. However, even if these liabilities were covered, chiropractic services are a form of health care that is based in the idea that the body can heal on its own, without the need for drugs or surgery. Thus, even from a philosophical standpoint, chiropractors would discourage writing a drug prescription.

This is also why the supplements that may be used are very specific in that:
• They are not drugs
• They support the body
• They encourage natural balance
• They do not harm

The manual manipulation of the spine is still the ultimate foundational basis for the practice, and this alignment of the body is still the basis for healing. While some purists will solely rely on manipulation techniques, others in the chiropractic industry have embraced the incorporation of non-drugs that also follow the principles of the body’s innate ability to heal.

Within this philosophy is also the idea of holism in wellness, in that the body and the mind are concert for preserving health. When the body is in pain, then the mind cannot focus, and when the mind is in pain, then the body loses balance. This further eschews the need to prescribe drugs, as side effects which impact either aspect would negate the concept of the chiropractic practice. However, the supportive non-drug techniques that are applied do reinforce natural healing of both body and mind.

Calling 604.558.0860 or emailing Dr. Stuart Kilian at Advantage Chiro, can get people started on a natural path to balanced health. Although back pain may be the initial motivator, the benefits of an approach that considers the body’s natural desire for balance, as the highest expression of health and wellness that can also greatly boost quality of life.

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