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Licensed Downtown Vancouver Chiropractor on Importance of Stretching

You may not always be able to access your licensed downtown Vancouver chiropractor to help ease your musculoskeletal pains and discomfort, but at least you have the opportunity to help yourself even at home.

There are various ways for you to continue with your therapy although you may not be in your chiropractor’s office. In case you haven’t seen one yet, you can still do these simple exercises to give yourself temporary relief. However, just make sure that you still seek professional help when you finally do get the chance. You’ll be benefitting more from their tips and advice rather than you diagnosing yourself on your own.

In the meantime, here are some benefits that you can derive from body stretching exercises:

Improved Flexibility

With regular stretching exercises, you just might find yourself finding it easier to move your joints, which would otherwise feel rickety and painful. If you think about it, most yoga practitioners, for example, don’t always start out being that flexible. With constant and regular practice, however, their bodies soon become familiar with the movement, allowing them to execute those tough postures.

Improved Blood Flow and Circulation

It’s not an exercise per se as it is more of a prelude to an exercise. However, stretching can already elevate your heart rate, which gets your blood pumping, and so in effect warms up the muscles. This process is what makes stretching before exercising very important. It helps protect you from incurring injuries by letting your body prepare for the upcoming physical activity. With your muscles loose and warmed up, you are less likely to feel pain or injury later on.

Improve Posture

This is actually very important because posture is something that you carry with you even when you are outside of the gym or chiropractor’s office. Simply put, it’s how you carry yourself, and unfortunately, most people hurt themselves unknowingly simply by not having the proper posture.

Shoulders are hunched, head is hanging forward, and the back is not straightened as it should be. All these things together can eventually lead to more than just simple discomfort, but possibly even serious spinal injury down the line.

That’s why a downtown Vancouver chiropractor licensed like Dr Stuart Kilian at Advantage Chiropractic makes sure that you will be doing “homework”, or stretching exercises that you can do at home, so that you won’t lose the benefits that you’ve gained during sessions.

Having good health can be attained with steps as simple as having proper posture, and this can be advanced by engaging in proper stretching exercises.


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